Hi and Welcome!

About my blog: I started my blog in 2006 as a place to post my published magazine articles at first in the hopes of gaining more writing assignments. The articles tapped into my degrees in science as well as my degree in writing. The challenge of the assignments was to maintain a 10th grade reading level with topics that involved such things as the metabolism of mitochondria. At the time, I was also teaching English at a local community college. When the editor-in-chief killed an article I had been assigned on indoor air pollution, and I didn’t disagree, I didn’t like my article either, I decided being a contributor to the magazine was more effort than it was worth. Although I loved the byline, I was too busy teaching, and the hours required to research and write the articles were extensive. So I focused on teaching and my creative writing.

About me: In 2011, I self-published my novel, Stella Silvers and the Secretvia my publishing company, Sea Glass Ink. At that point, I took a Dreamweaver online course, and created a website, Ginaladinsky.com for my book and other writings. Now, in 2017, I hope to combine all of writing to my WordPress blog. This will allow me to continue to write both short stories and non-fiction pieces that I can easily publish, which is not so easy on a regular website.

I live in a suburb of Los Angeles minutes from the beach and with easy access to hiking trails in Topanga State Park. I love the outdoors and hike and surf often. I retired from my full-time teaching position at a Los Angeles area community college in 2016. I have taught thousands of students how to write a college essay, and I am proud of that. But I am so glad to not have the stack of papers that constantly haunted my daily living.

I hope you enjoy my writing. I look forward to receiving comments and feedback.


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