Non-fiction Articles

Can you quickly count backwards from 2083 to zero and subtract 17 from each new total? If not, maybe a phospholipid is in your future.

Healthy diets and vitamins can’t reverse the effects of aging. But the good news is that recent studies have revealed breakthrough scientific information that suggests a reversal of the cellular aging process is possible by supplementing daily diets with acetyl l-carnitine.

Mitochondria control all cells in our body and may eventually need a tune-up to enhance performance.

Non-sustainable farming is depleting the vitamins and minerals you may think you are getting from your fruits and vegetables.

The inside of your shoe is the perfect spot for a fungus to hang its hat, so it’s good to know what options are available.

Have you ever wondered how toxins are removed from your body? Read this article to find out.

If you are among the 15 to 30 million men who suffer from ED, this article has some helpful information for you and your partner.

Did you know that Viagra originally was a high blood pressure medication? No wonder the side effects are causing complications far beyond the benefits – but there are healthy alternatives.


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